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Introducing the only ID you need to access everything… for life.
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Technology is supposed to make our lives easier.

But today the burden of account and password maintenance overwhelms us. Even worse, centralized identity storage makes us vulnerable to monitoring and privacy violations. Sign into social media, access your office, shop online, pick up a rental car… all of these activities normally require a user account, password, card key, or other forms of identity validation. Our wallets are overstuffed with cards. We have so many online usernames and passwords that we just can’t manage them anymore. With lifeID, we no longer need to.

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lifeID is perfectly simple

lifeID provides a single identity that you can use to interact securely with the world around you. It’s one app that identifies you to any technology you choose—from streaming media to your own front door. There are no usernames and passwords to remember because lifeID uses your smartphone’s biometrics to identify you.

lifeID keeps your privacy

Don’t worry. This isn’t Google or Facebook tracking your every move. lifeID is completely private. Only you have access to and control over your identity, not a corporation or government.

lifeID is for life

Your lifeID is stored in a blockchain. This means that no government nor company including lifeID, Inc. can ever remove or modify your identity.

It’s so easy.

There’s no need to remember your username and password for each website you access, no need to carry an access card. Your smartphone does the work for you.

You’re in control.

Only you can manage your identity profile. No organization can use lifeID to monitor or retrieve information about you. You choose what data (such as a name or email address) to share.

Imagine the ease of a single identity to access your entire world with complete privacy. lifeID can be your one private and secure identity... for life.

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Meet Our Team

Chris Boscolo

Founder and CEO

Rui Maximo


Jon Ohrt

Lead Developer

Alex Ortiz

Chief Blockchain Evangelist

Seth Bailey

Software Engineer

Tyler Boscolo


Joshua Shane

Chief Marketing Officer

Arman Sayyadi

Developer and Mathematician

Our Advisors

Todd Hooper

CEO & Founder of VREAL

Mark Cooley

Professor & former Bluetooth Executive

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