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Reclaim your digital identity

with convenience, security and privacy.

lifeID is the open-source, blockchain-based platform for self-sovereign identity

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lifeID is creating the identity toolbox everyone needs to control how their data is used online, and in the physical world. Any app maker can use our open-source platform to ensure their apps provide convenience, security and privacy.

lifeID announces partnership with RChain Cooperative

Self-Sovereign Identity on the lifeID Platform

Driven by Economic Incentive

Economic incentives, perhaps one of the greatest human innovations, is the lynchpin of the lifeID Platform.

Self-sovereign identity platforms must have built-in incentive mechanisms to ensure the ecosystem grows. Incentives also ensure ongoing SLAs to support identity ownership and management for the life of the user.

Open & Permissionless

An Open and permissionless platform is a definitional requirement for building a self-sovereign identity service. It’s essential that anyone, anywhere in the world can use the identity service, restriction free. The most important reason for this open access is to prevent an identity holder from ever being denied use of their digital identity for any reason.


It’s essential that identity holders can participate in the governance of their identity infrastructure. The governance mechanisms must be both transparent and clearly communicated. Transparent governance builds a strong community by demonstrating fairness and accountability. Governance cannot truly be fair unless the mechanisms are described consistently and clearly to the community and stakeholders.

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Meet Our Team

Chris Boscolo

Founder and CEO

Rui Maximo

Chief Technology Officer

Jon Ohrt

Lead Developer

Alex Ortiz

Chief Blockchain Evangelist

Seth Bailey

Software Engineer

Tyler Boscolo

Chief Operating Officer

Joshua Shane

Chief Marketing Officer

Arman Sayyadi

Developer and Mathematician

Our Advisors

Todd Hooper

CEO & Founder of VREAL

Mark Cooley

Professor & former Bluetooth Executive


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