lifeID Foundation Partners

ZNO Labs is the official launch partner for developing and marketing the lifeID Platform. The same team that created the lifeID brand and is building the lifeID Platform will work with other lifeID Foundation partners to build-out viable ecosystems for broad and diverse use cases.
The open-source RChain project is building a decentralized, economic, censorship-resistant, public compute infrastructure and blockchain that solves the scaling challenges faced by current blockchains. It will be trustworthy, scalable, concurrent, with proof-of-stake consensus and content delivery.
Resonate is the ethical music streaming co-op on a mission to rewire the music industry. They’re best known for their #stream2own player, which implements an entirely new model of listening to music – one that pays artists per play, and lets listeners own music again. The organization believes that the music industry’s issues extend far beyond the world of streaming, and are developing a more comprehensive and fair ecosystem
DigitalTown, Inc. (DGTW) powers Smart Cities to succeed in the Digital Age. It provides turn-key hosted solutions to power "Digital Towns", which improve Quality of Life for residents and visitors through locally owned solutions for economic development, civic engagement and digital inclusion for cities around the world. You can download the DigitalTown App from the App Store, or visit one of our many city sites such as Austin.City to get a feel for how DigitalTown is creating value for cities around the world.

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